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Ever since childhood, Diana Mayne has been scribbling song lyrics in notebooks and dreaming up melodies.  Now, she has started an ongoing songwriting project that will include a variety of genres and artists!  Ms. Mayne is writing songs for a variety of artists, making a recording with them, and then releasing the songs via Patreon.

What is Patreon?  Patreon is a site that enables musicians and other artists/creators to get paid for their work.  It's very easy to support Ms. Mayne in her songwriting project - simply go to www.patreon.com/dianamayne , and choose which subscription level you'd like to sign up for.  You don't even have to pay anything until she releases a new song!

Be the next generation of music fans - become a patron of the arts!  www.patreon.com/dianamayne

Become a Patron!

For previous examples of Ms. Mayne's songwriting, please listen to any of the songs below:

 Co-wrote with Mike Bibby:

Posted: Jan-9-2018
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