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Preview: Burnside & Hooker / Double Door

"When I recently saw the band [Burnside & Hooker] do a mini-set at Greenstar Brewery (hosted by Uncommon Ground), it was Mayne and Graham who most surprised me with their passionate performances. These strings aren’t here for color only; they’re a major texture in the band’s sound—and, when the time comes, a fierce component in its clarion call for foot-stomping. "

Robert Rodi, Newcity Magazine
Burnside & Hooker Releases Eclectic Album With "All The Way To The Devil"

"Lastly, 'Goodbye, Louisiana,' [written by Diana Mayne], All The Way’s… closing track is a country tune filled with a dash of folk, that features stomps reminiscent of The Lumineers and group vocals that sound harmonious, with an acoustic guitar rounding out the song. The track's subtle catchiness works well, as it flows well enough to be memorable, while not feeling like the song is being stripped of authentic musical talent."

Lauren Gribble, Listen Here Reviews
Burnside & Hooker

"Ted Graham, Diana Mayne and Ken Fuller shred on the cello, viola and upright bass, creating the country twang that comprises the band’s [Burnside & Hooker]'s signature sound."

Lauren Bally, CUSP Magazine
CD Review: Burnside & Hooker "All The Way To The Devil"

"The Diana Mayne-penned 'Bad Guy' has that great modern swing feel to it and the song could easily find its way into the playlists of modern-day swing bands."

Matheson Kamin, Rock N Roll Report
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